Back to Work!

We are currently back to work washing Houses as of Monday, May 4th.
After we are done getting current customers caught up, we are excited to announce that we will be taking new customers again!
At this time it looks like we will be able to take new customers (tentatively, this may change) sometime towards the end of July.
Please let us know if you would like to get on the list for a Call to Set up as a new customer. This will be a first come first appointment basis.
Please note that the end of July is not certain, we are hoping to be able to get caught up by then! So this may change to sooner or later.
Thank you and see you all soon!

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In light of the current COVID-19 Pandemic, The Safty of our Family, as well as all we may come into contact with, is our utmost priority!  

Please accept our apology in advance but we are not accepting new customers at this time, and I have temporarily disabled the contact us button. Due to the sheer amounts of calls, we will be making we ask everyone to please try to Email us before Calling Help @ tlchw net

Saturday, March 28th will be our last day of Work. Until further notice. We will keep everyone apprised as to when we will return to work.

We will call everyone and get them rescheduled in the order of their appointments.

Starting with Monday, March 30th.

Please check back for updates

We will be posting here when we will be returning to work, and accepting new customers once again.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. From our family to yours we hope everyone stays safe.

Jeff and Lisa

No longer part of FaceBook

I have deleted my personal FaceBook and my Business Facebook Page as it has not resulted in any contacts or Business. @FaceBook and @FaceBookPage have just been a waste of time checking useless notifications and the constant badgering to “Boost Your Posts” and forced to see and be exsposed to things i have no intrest in or time for.

Please Ask Questions

Cleaning caring and helping the people in our community, we need your Questions, this is for you! If you have a Question you would like answered please ask about any of the topics below. Untill I get Questions I will just plot along with general cleaning and House Washing tips.


  • House Washing’
  • Home Maintenance
  • Home Repair
  • PC Building, Upgrading and Maintenance

Upcoming website additions

  1. Events Calendar (Later Today!)
  2. Weekly Youtube Video Posts (October 8th)
  3. Regular Quick tip Posts on Facebook! (CLICK HERE)  Have a Question????Ask us on facebook !
  4. Go – No Go videos- The one where we talk with other Businesses and Professionals about how you can save time and money  and keep your home looking better for longer with Do It Your Self home Projects! (December)

Reporting Unwanted telephone solicitation

When you recieve unwanted telephone solicitations you can make them pay!

Heres is how its done in 3 steps!

Report every single one you can. They count on people not wanting to take the time to report them to the Federal Trade Commission

All of the steps below can be done at this link here

  1. You must first register your Phone Number(s) with the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY 
  2. after you verrify thats your Phone numbers (Cell and House Phones) are Registered you can then move to setp 4
  3. Report the phone number.

I Suggest looking at the “submit a complaint” link and getting farmiliar with the information they will require.

Coming Soon! Stay Tuned !

I will be adding a new Page called “Go – No Go” where I will recommend other local businesses and review Products I use or have used and no longer use now and why. Everything from Hoses and Tools to Local Services and Restaurants!

Please stay tuned!

Please check Back! Over the next few days I will beupdating my New Web site and adding a lot of new content, posting How to Help and instructional Videos to my YouTube chanel and adding articles and reviews to my Blog.  I encourage input and constructive criticism!