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10 + Years serving The Villages and Stonecrest

In 2 simple words “We Care” our actions, history, reputation,  and length of service are proof.

Appointments are never permission to wash your home we will call, Email or Text to confirm that you want it washed for each and every appointment. 1-4 weeks prior to your appointment.

We give a (Hour and a Half) 90-minute arrival window.

We are often early sometimes as much as an hour. Sometimes we show up to a  job,  and they are either not ready, they have been sprayed with other chemicals, or we were just unable to wash for whatever reason.

When this happens, we must continue on our schedule with the next Job, sometimes we can juggle jobs around to accommodate a specific time slot you require and sometimes we have no other option but to wash in that time slot, or reschedule in extreme circumstances.

We are a small family business and only have 1 vehicle so that limits our ability to reschedule.

We do not schedule jobs on Saturdays or Sundays, we save the weekend for emergencies.

Preparing for an Appointment: We do our best to come prepared and ready to wash your home as efficiently and professionally as possible. We respectfully request that you try your best to have things ready for us to start washing your home on our arrival.

To read How to Prepair for a House washing appointment CLICK THIS LINK

Pet Waste: Please pick up any pet waste prior to our arrival.

Pesticides or Fertilizers: Make sure there are no pesticides or fertilizers applied to your property 6 days prior to your appointment or we will need to get you rescheduled. Why? You never want to mix ANY cleaning chemicals with any Pesticides or Fertilizers. Typically when you hear about house washers killing grass flowers or bushes this is the reason. Over a decade of washing houses and following my 6 day wait period after fertilizers and  or pesticides have been applied I have never killed or even stressed any grass flowers or bushes.

Painted Surfaces: It is best to wait out the curing time (curing time varies with each individual paint or sealant manufacturer) of any painted or sealed surface. Most manufacturers recommend 1 year before washing.  Up north this is needed , but here in Florida where the UV Index is 2-3 times that of Northern states paint cures faster generally 6 months .

Preparing your Home: Make sure your windows doors and electrical fixtures are tight and secure, and let us know if you have any issues with any of them. Please remove your screens if you want upper and lower windows Squeegeed, if not we will squeegee whatever glass is exposed.

Reasons we may refuse to Wash or reschedule a Wash:  

  • Damaged or malfunctioning water spigot
  • Recently painted
  • Pesticides or fertilizers applied in the last 6 days
  • Excessive and obstructing bushes and trees impeding our ability to effectively wash all exterior surfaces.
  • Excessively dirty home that would require a pressure washer due to plaque lichen.


We will wash in the rain from time to time but if it gets to windy it becomes not only a hazard to us (cleaning chemical in the face) but also becomes a Liability issue with overspray hitting your neighbor’s property or their persons spotting clothing and possibly causing skin or eye irritation. (as cleaning chemicals do)

Pesticides Fertilizers and Paint

If any chemicals (Pesticides or fertilizers) have been applied to your lawn, we have a 6-day waiting period to ensure there are no chemical reactions that may damage/kill your grass/plants or bushes. 6 days gives the chemicals time to do their job and to also dissipate to a level that allows us to wash safely.

Paint and paint sealant, or driveway sealant. Paint and sealant manufacturers suggest minimum curing time to ensure the integrity of the seal, finish and longevity of the job. Generally, this a 1-year period but this is nationwide where the UV levels (that help the paint cure) and not as strong as they are here in Florida. In Florida this is generally 6-8 months.


Yes, we do Squeegee windows, but it is not intended as a professional spot free service, as we do not charge to do this, it is intended as a courtesy.  As the house is still wet and dripping that will leave some spotting and streaking. Please remove your screens if you want upper and lower windows Squeegeed, if not we will squeegee whatever glass is exposed.

Screens Blinds and Shades

We cannot manipulate or remove screens, blinds or roll down shades for liability reasons. If we rip or damage the screen, blind or shade we must replace them. This applies to ALL screens blinds and shades. Please remove your screens if you want upper and lower windows Squeegeed, if not we will squeegee whatever glass is exposed.

Customer Referral Program

Receive $5 off for each washed referral

Every 3rd washed referral is a Half Priced House Wash (applies to house only)

Referrals may not be claimed on first wash.

Referrals must be claimed within one year of last wash. Some may eligible for a 1-3 month grace period over 12 months with management ( Jeff Barbiaux) approval for extenuating circumstances.

Referrals that go longer than 1 year are not lost or void, they roll over until such time as you can claim them within a one-year period of your last wash.

Please note: This page and information on this website is a living document is we reserve the right to change or add to this at any time.