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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I was on my way to pick up Tuxedos for my wedding with one of my groomsmen and was rear-ended.

I claim all responsibility for this encounter with Phillips Collision.

This is all my fault because I did not check the work better and I did not come into the situation prepared.

(To the best of my recollection) I scheduled an appointment to drop off my 2007 F150 off at Phillips Collision in Fruitland Park FL on Wednesday, April 14th, 2014. They had it for over a week to repair the damage caused by getting rear-ended.  The tailgate, Passenger rear 1/4 Bumper, and some paint on Drivers Rear 1/4. They told me to come by to pick it up on a Friday @ 5:30 It was raining when I showed up and as they close at 5:30 I inspected the work as best as I could in the rain as 3 of them stood around watching a. After I took it home and it had stopped raining I was able to inspect it a bit closer

1) The bumper was not positioned properly

2) Two clips that hold my side rails were broken and actually lying in the bed of the truck.

3)  The spray-in bed liner was not applied to all necessary surfaces evenly ( I could see white paint below the black spray-in liner, and I let them talk me into using a different product that was nowhere close to the quality of the LineX spray-in bed liner that was in my truck. I’m sure they just didn’t realize the difference in the quality of the product they asked me to substitute for.

4) I had to remove the tailgate inspection panel to properly reinstall the plastic tailgate rail as someone had just snapped it on over the panel when it should be under the panel

5) and my spare tire lock was missing (they had forgotten to reinstall it and get it coded in advance).

6) Taillight lens kept getting moisture in it

I took the truck back and asked them to fix the problems.

They adjusted my bumper with no problems and took one of my keys from me to have the spare tire lock coded.

I get a call a few days later telling me that they had mistakenly thrown away my key that has an electronic chip coded to my ignition.

Now I’m sure accidents happen from time to time and sometimes people have bad days, but how does an auto body shop throw away a key? How does an auto body shop overlook so many details?  How does this many details slip by the “experts”?

I truly wish that they correct these problems so that no one else is subjected to what I have gone through.

They made ME go get my Key made 1.5 hours at the locksmith 45 mins assorted communications and 4 extra trips back and forth to the shop. With no offer of any recompense. I asked for compensation after the fact but at that point I was so upset I decided to just refuse their offer to detail my truck, for fear of what I would say in a face to face situation.

In the end, they fixed most everything to my satisfaction. But the Issue was and is I should not have had to ask for this to be made right. I feel had I not said a word to them none of this would have been fixed or offered. The nonchalant attitude of the staff was disturbing, to say the least.

They offered to wax and Detail my truck for my troubles.  But according to the gentlemen, “I tried to do everything to make it right for you”

Your results may vary.

Jeff Barbiaux

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