Preparing for an Appointment: We do our best to come prepared and ready to wash your home as efficiently and professionally as possible. We respectfully request that you try your best to have things ready for us to start washing your home upon our arrival.

Keep in Mind,sometimes we have last-minute cancellations and our arrival time may jump up by an hour.

If Possible Please make sure Thorny plants and or Bushes are cut back to allow us comfortable access to Water Spigots and Windows.

Also keep in mind the optimal distance of bushes and trees that are up against house for us to be able to Clean effectively is 16 inches, or a Foot and a Half.

Please remove screens in advance (If you choose) and remove any items that you do not want to get wet with Bleach Soap and Water in areas we will be washing, or areas where overspray will be an issue.

  • Electronics
  • Fabrics or items that are not color (pool) safe
  • Cushions pillows or rugs (Especially anything that is not meant to be outside)
  • SMALL Potted plants 6 inches or smaller OR Plants that require a delicate Soil/PH balance/or recently fertilized with a time release fertilizer.
  1. Make sure no pesticides or fertilizers have been applied to your yard or property 6 days before your appointment for Patio and Courtyard Villas this is difficult as you need to coordinate with neighbors as well because of the close proximity of neighbors plants to your home.
  2. Make sure vehicles or carts that are parked in your driveway are at a safe distance, and if they are parked in the driveway make sure they are as far back as possible (if no alternate parking is available) away from the house, so over spray from our cleaning chemicals is not an issue.
  3. Let us know if you have any problems with electrical receptacles or lighting kicking the breakers
  4. Let us know if you have any problems with windows or doors leaking when getting washed, this is especially important with French doors and Sliding glass doors as they are prone to leak.
  5. Let us know if any of your windows are broken or cracked
  6. Let us know if driveways or walkways have been recently painted and sealed, as you need at least 4 to 6 months to allow for Paint and or Sealant to be cured before washing.